HHP's Hardwood Sawmill

HHP’s state-of-the-art hardwood sawmill is the cornerstone of our 25-acre consolidated operations site in Henniker, New Hampshire. The sawmill turns out over 8.5 million board feet of green and kiln-dried lumber per year using a system that is designed to maximize grade recovery and ensure client satisfaction.

Our central location in the southern tier of the state enables us to utilize the hardwood timber native to our area, primarily Red Oak, Hard Maple, Soft Maple as well as White Birch, Ash and Yellow Birch.

The highly experienced sawmill staff consists of seven workers and four inspectors. This stable labor force combined with our continually updated equipment and systems enables HHP to be consistent in both production and costs. Recent equipment investments include a new 6' double cut McDonough band head saw; we automated our band resaw with a booth and Autolog PLC controls; an automated lumber tally, grading and trimming system with Autolog controls, Cypress Grade Mark Reader and PHL equipment, 60 bay bin sorter; and a new log debarking line with a Nicholson A-6 debarker.

The eleven workers rotate through seven positions each day. The first sawyer operates the headsaw that turns the round log into square timber, along with some slabs and boards. An edger trims round edges off the boards. The second sawyer, operating the main resaw—a six-foot bandsaw—then cuts the timber into grade boards, until all that remains is the center of the log, a six-inch by six-inch cant, which is then sent to the smaller resaw to be cut into grade lumber or boards and cants for the pallet facility. The boards are then graded by four inspectors, scanned, tallied, auto-trimmed, sorted by the 60-bay automated bin sorter and, when required, kiln dried in HHP’s three massive drying kilns.

Buying hardwood lumber from HHP:
Contact Natalie Crane at 603-428-3298.

Selling timber to HHP: Landowners, loggers and other log vendors should note that HHP buys 10 million board feet of timber and 150,000 tons of pulpwood annually, and is interested in procurement of all species on a year round basis. For more on this, see the section on Selling to HHP