Hardwood Sawlogs

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HHP Scaling Specifications:

  • Scale is International 1/4" rule
  • All grades must meet a minimum length of 8’ 6”
  • Maximum length is 16’ 6”.
  • All lengths to be cut in multiples of 2’
  • Trim allowance must be a minimum of 6”
  • Diameter requirements for all grades other than Oak Pallet are 10” minimum and 36” maximum
  • Defects within 8" of the end of a log are not considered defects if the log is 10’ or longer
  • A single, straight seam is not considered a defect in species other than Beech and White Birch
  • Deductions may be made for Rot, Holes, Cracks, Sweep, Splits, Spider, Shake, Fiber Pull, Insect Damage, Knots, Crook, Seams or being Miss Bucked
  • Logs containing iron will be culled
  • All logs not meeting the above sawlog specifications will be paid at the current firewood rate only if they meet current pulpwood specifications. All others will be culled
  • Self-loader log deliveries accepted 24 hours a day, 7-days a week

Log vendors may contact the Procurement Department at:

Dale Nadeau
Log Buyer
Rochester, NH
Home: (603) 335-5720
Cell: (603) 731-1034

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